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How to join Ibrahim chatter Film village school


Welcome to Celebrity Gist where we bring all the information you need to know throughout the world to you. In this article, we are going to discuss how you manage your way to reach one of the best Yoruba culture film villages owned by the Nigerian Yoruba popular actor, film director, and Scriptwriter a person of Ibrahim Abiodun chatter.

Who is Ibrahim chatter

We know that this Talented man is not stronger for you because you have watched several movies produced by him or participated but let’s add a little description for the benefit of those who did not well recognize him.
He was born in 1970 in Bachita, Edu local government, Kwara state, and rose to fame after being featured in one of the trending movies ‘Ayekooto’ since then, most people have started recommending him as he was good in all roles given to him and he will try his best to play the role perfectly. One of his achievements is the Africhatter Film Village which we are going to review today.
After Kunle Afolayan Films village, which is also located at Oyo, the Africhatter village is said to be the next.

Ibrahim chatter Film Village review

ibrahim chatter films

As we have said, this film village is really good when it comes to Yoruba culture film making, it has several local and oldest buildings which show exactly pictures of our four fathers’ home setup moreover, the palace setting also looks decent and if you can able to see everything they use to design this village you will know that Yoruba culture is the best.
One thing that amazed us in this film Village is that there is a particular building in the village where the exterior looks typical old set but the interior is like the president’s house. This is where Ibrahim sleeps and he has an office inside, also all celebrities who visit the village can have enough space to sleep without the thing they are in the village.
Recently, when actress Iyabo Ojo visited the village, she highly endorsed it for any Yoruba culture movies.

How to get to Ibrahim Chatter Film Village

I know many of you have earned or seen the film Village online and you may be interested in going there for a visit or you an upcoming actor or actress who which to participate in any movie shooting in this film village.
Now, let us quickly take you from anywhere you are to this beautiful film village.
Firstly, we don’t know where you are coming from but if you are somewhere in Nigeria except Ibadan, then you have to find your way to reach Ibadan.
For instance, if you are coming from Lagos, you will take a bus to Ibadan and if you are coming from Osun, Ekiti, Kwara, Ogun, and others, just take a bus to Ibadan and after getting to Ibadan you will take another bus from Ibadan to Oyo town and from there, you will take a bike to Ibrahim Chatter Film village, just ask anybody that you are going to the village.
Note: at a time if there is a big project going on in the village, you may see a cab that we take you directly to the village
Advice: if this is your first time going to this film village, when you get to Oyo, ask anyone you see except by bike or taxi driver where can you enter Ibrahim Chatter Film Village bike or cab.
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