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Become a celebrity by Go Varal on TikTok in 2024

If you don’t know how to go viral on TikTok, this article is for you. As a new content creator who dreams of becoming a celebrity, TikTok is one of the best social media platforms that can make your video go viral and that is what I’m going to explain in this post. TikTok is not like other social media platforms that you have to post many times before you will get results. You can open it today and your first content may get thousands of views that it why we recommend it for new content creators.

How to make your video go viral on TikTok

There is a difference between a content creator and someone who just posts his or her normal video. Sometimes, some people go viral with the normal video which is luck and how the video retention is it while some create winning content that TikTok did not have other options than to make the video go wide.
To make your video go wide, you need to think about two things which are retention and appearance on the ‘For you page’
Think about Retention, you have to create a hook in the first 10 seconds of your videos and what does that mean? It simply means that, do something that will make the viewers watch the video like suspense or use effects.
You have seen some content creators who will first show the sweetest part of the video and then write ‘How it started’ Once you watch the beginning, you don’t have other option than to watch the entire video because you want to know what we end the video, that is what we called hook that is, people stay up to 10 seconds on the video and Tiktok did not have any option than to promo the video for more people to view because they will see it as mindful content that it why people stay. The only reason such a video can get a low view is if it doesn’t appear on the For you page which I’m going to discuss now.

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How to make your video appear on you page

If you don’t know what For You means, let me quickly explain to you. This is like recommendations, that is, your video will appear under recommendation for other users who are not your followers to view it. This has two benefits which are your video will get a lot of views and you will get more followers that is why you must focus on how to always make your videos appear on the recommended page.
The first thing you need to do is create your video with HD [high quality] make it clear and neat also make sure the video has not been uploaded by other users because the main reason why some videos did not appear on for you page is because tiktok seen it as duplicate, unoriginal, low-quality content.
So, if your video passes these three tests, it will appear on the recommendation page.

What hashtag to use


The foundation of your TikTok matters most when it comes to hashtags, if you know your audience and you use hashtags in your first video, you must keep using related tags to keep your videos going but if you didn’t use tags in your first to third video and it gets a lot of views, we kindly advise you not to use any Tag because TikTok has automatically detect your best audience for you. If you later use a tag probably using Wrong wrong Tag, your video will not get to a wide audience because you have confused tiktok algorithm, they have to use the tag to find a new audience for you.

How to re-upload someone’s video as the original

You may be wondering that one video has been uploaded by different people and they all get a lot of views but when you also try to reupload the same video, you end up getting zero views. The reason why is that you don’t add any value to the original content that will make it different when viewers sway it, they will just scroll because they have watched it and this will cause low retention and it end up on not recommended content.
The solution is that you can use Inshort, caput, or other video editing apps to edit the video, this can include adding images, words, videos, or your reaction. Here is a sample of the video SMD King Tiktok

This depends on the country you are in and the type of audience you have, therefore, always check your insight to know the best performance content and look at the time you upload it, then follow it up.
I believe that with the little experience, I share with you, your journey to the life of a celebrity has fast-forwarded. It is left for you to take a step.
Thank you.

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