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Judith will become MUMMY GO – Yul Edochie Announces Transition to Gospel Ministry with True Salvation Ministry

Renowned actor Yul Edochie, known for his controversial roles on screen, is set to embark on a new chapter as he announces his transition to gospel ministry. In a recent Instagram post, the actor revealed that he is about to make the biggest announcement of his life, unveiling the name of his ministry as True Salvation Ministry. Edochie expressed his commitment to answering the call of God Almighty and spreading the true message of God to win souls for the church.

yul edochi

Yul Edochie shared his decision to enter the ministry on his Instagram page, where he stated, “It’s time to answer the call of God Almighty. It’s time to do His work fully. To spread the true message of God. Tune in, and be transformed.”

The announcement stirred a wave of reactions from fans and well-wishers. Here are some of the comments:

@anies_sweet_chaw_kitchen: “So like this now, Judith will become MUMMY GO…what a time to be alive on IG.”

@comedianalbino: “Congratulations Pastor Isi mmili Global. More ministries to come.”

@iam_jennyyyyyy: “It is finished.”

@spiceberry_healthytreat: “Thank God for you.”

@vera_classic_hairs: “Tune in and be ashamed and not transformed. 18 May held you so well that the chain was so strong, what’s this?”

@mr_tee_albino:** “Welcome to the field Isi Mmili Globalyy, mine is Radical Intervention Ministry.. I will meet you at this year’s Pastor’s Conference.”

@iamslimbrown: “Congratulations as you begin your journey in ministry.”

Yul Edochie’s decision to transition into gospel ministry has ignited a mix of excitement and curiosity among his fans. As he prepares to hold his first live preaching under the banner of True Salvation Ministry, it remains to be seen how this new chapter will unfold in his life and career. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story.

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