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Funny couple Sparks Laughter with Hilarious Valentine Photoshoot

Esan Oladiti David, widely recognized by his stage name Horly D Praise, the renowned Nigerian gospel artist, has captured the hearts and funny bones of fans with a comical Valentine’s Day photoshoot. The images, featuring Horly D Praise and a very short companion, have set social media abuzz with laughter and comments.

Valentine's photo
In a light-hearted celebration of Valentine’s Day, Horly D Praise shared a series of pictures on social media, donning coordinating white and red outfits alongside his petite counterpart. The unconventional pairing, with Horly D Praise being notably tall and the lady being significantly shorter, added an extra layer of humor to the delightful Valentine’s Day gesture.

Valentine day

The amusing attire and the evident height contrast sparked an influx of comments in the social media comment section. Fans and followers couldn’t resist expressing their amusement, flooding the post with laughing emojis and playful remarks.

Love knows no height! Horly D Praise and his companion prove that Valentine’s Day is all about spreading joy and laughter. The unique photoshoot has not only entertained but also showcased the artist’s playful and jovial side,” shared one follower in the comment section.

Funny couple

The gospel artist’s willingness to embrace the lighter side of life garnered positive responses, turning what could have been a traditional Valentine’s Day post into a memorable and widely appreciated moment.

As the pictures continue to circulate on social media, Horly D Praise’s Valentine’s Day photoshoot serves as a reminder that love and laughter are universal languages. The gospel artist’s ability to bring smiles to his audience, even in unconventional ways, further endears him to fans as they join in the collective joy of the holiday.

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